The First Hunter Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – A Show of Arms  (3)




The sky’s stained by the light of dawn, on the shore of Incheon.


Teul teul teul…….


A fishing boat slowly made its way across the sea, drawing closer to its destination.


Both the fishing boat and the ocean were silent.


Teul teul tuk, tuk!


Amidst that silence, a sound emerged from the silent fishing boat.


The boat came to a stop and a man appeared in the cockpit of the boat.


A man with a sword strapped to his back.


‘Yeongjongdo, it’s been awhile.’


Kim Tae Hoon briefly reminisced while looking at the golf course near where the boat had stopped.


His memories had nothing to do with golf. He was instead thinking of the gigantic Incheon International Airport which was located behind the golf course.


‘Incheon International Airport.’


There weren’t many times where Kim Tae Hoon had went abroad through Incheon International Airport.


But above all, it was when he had come back home after a mission overseas and had entered civilian life in Incheon International Airport. Like that, Kim Tae Hoon washed away his traces.


To him, Incheon International Airport was a place where he distanced himself from his military life.


It was also the place where he realized that he was alive.


‘There are no bad memories.’


It was the last place of comfort before Kim Tae Hoon went to hunt the green ranked monster.




There was no mist that came out of Kim Tae Hoon’s mouth when he sighed. It was a sign that the harsh winter had finally passed.


His sentimentality ended there.


Kim Tae Hoon moved to the back of the boat and stood in front of a pile of boxes.


There was a bag inside one of the boxes he opened. The bag looked like an instrument carrying case, but taking out what was inside, it was obviously not an instrument.


It was a gun with a long barrel unlike that of a normal gun.


‘It’s been awhile.’


It was a PSG-1 Sniper Rifle, a sniper rifle loved by many enthusiasts all over the world. It was also the weapon that Kim Tae Hoon was the most familiar with.


It was the partner that Kim Tae Hoon had gone through both thick and thin with.


Even now not much had changed.


Kim Tae Hoon now had the firepower and means to deal with any problems that came his way.


It was a given that Kim Tae Hoon had no intention to fight the enemy head on.


It was what Kim Tae Hoon did best.


‘Time to show what a show of arms is like.’




A show of arms wasn’t a simple display of violence.


A show of arms was a psychological technique used to pressure the enemies by displaying one’s overwhelming strength.


So what was needed in order to pressure the enemy?


The answer is simple.




Even among dogs, the most effective motivator was fear.


However, even given that fact, instilling a simple fear of death was not enough.


What was more effective was instilling the fear of sudden and unforeseen death, a fear of a death that could come at any moment without any rhyme or reason.




Atop an apartment complex within the city limits of Yeongjongdo, Kim Tae Hoon had his sights aimed on a brown skinned orc with the intent to instill that exact fear.




A bullet flew out of the barrel accompanied by a dull sound.


The bullet reached the end of its trajectory and pierced through the orc’s forehead.




The orc collapsed onto the floor, a hole having appeared on its head.


The other orcs quickly gathered around the fallen orc.


Anger welled up in the orcs, resulting in them yelling at the top of their lungs.


But being 1 kilometer away, Kim Tae Hoon did not hear any of it.




Looking through his scope, Kim Tae Hoon pulled the trigger again.


The orcs that had gathered around the corpse of the first orc also soon become corpses.


One by one, the bodies of the orcs simply piled up to the point where no other orcs dared to approach.


Kim Tae Hoon looked down his sights once more.




It was the number of orcs that he had just hunted down.


‘Barely a hundred over the past four days.’


It was an inefficient hunt.


If Kim Tae Hoon were to show himself to the orcs, dozens of them would flock to him in mere moments.


It would only take about a breath’s time to take care of them.


On the other hand, Kim Tae Hoon couldn’t even get rid of ten orcs in an hour by using the sniper rifle.


Nevertheless, it was still a distance of one kilometer.


‘The study period is over.’


It was a distance that would take even one of the fastest creatures on the planet, the cheetah, at least a minute to reach– a distance that would trivialize death.


‘It won’t be long before a gap appears.’


The choice that these monsters would make upon experiencing an unprecedented fear was simple.


To hide.


There was no other choice. The orcs would hide anywhere they could to hide from the sudden reaper’s scythe.


‘I just need to wait for the ogre’s patience to hit the floor.’


It was their leader that would be a challenge.


Twin Headed Ogre.


The longer the orcs hide, the longer they’ll starve.


Furthermore, the Twin Headed Ogre itself was a heavy eater. Not only was its body huge, but it also needed to feed two heads. It needed to eat many human corpses a day.


How long could such a beast endure its hunger?


No, rather, does that unbelievable beast even have the patience to wait it out?






At that moment, two monstrous roars rang throughout Yeongjongdo from Baegunsan Mountain.


[TLN: In the name Baegunsan, ‘san’ is actually mountain, so it should be Baegun Mountain]


The two roars made Kim Tae Hoon’s body feel as though winter had come again.


‘As expected.’


Kim Tae Hoon grit his teeth.


The Twin Headed Ogre’s Fear directed at Kim Tae Hoon was at a level that he had never felt before.


The power was overwhelming.


‘It’s really not a joke.’


This was the reason for Kim Tae Hoon’s show of arms.


‘As expected, to go against this Fear…… a direct confrontation is out of the question.’


It would be impossible to fight head to head with the monster while under the pressure of this Fear.


When exposed to this Fear, the Energy residing in Kim Tae Hoon’s dantian goes crazy, his head goes blank, and his heart starts to beat uncontrollably.


Furthermore, that was all he could do when faced with that Fear. He couldn’t do anything with his Telekinesis, his sword, his Energy, nor his arrow.


So the moment he entered a battle with the Twin Headed Ogre, he would be severely disadvantaged considering his limited options.


So his only option was to somehow create an opportunity, a gap that he could exploit.


So Kim Tae Hoon didn’t overdo things.


‘It shouldn’t be long before it throws caution to the wind, watching neither his front nor back and charging in like an enraged bull. That’s the only chance I’ll have.’


Kim Tae Hoon skillfully dismantled his rifle, returned it to his carrying case, and prepared to jump to another apartment complex’s rooftop.




He skillfully landed on the roof of the apartment building next door.


The large leap that Kim Tae Hoon made was something that not even olympic jumpers could compare to.




The figure of Kim Tae Hoon jumping from roof to roof eventually became smaller and smaller until he disappeared.








Height, ten meters.


Its body was like that of a building, the Twin Headed Ogre grabbed two orcs with both hands.


Keureu, Keureu!




The two orcs trapped in its grasp struggled to get out.


But as soon as the Twin Headed Ogre exerted just a bit of strength, Bbudeudeuk!


The orcs’ bones snapped like cookies, their eyes popped, and blood streamed out of their ears and eye sockets.


The Twin Headed Ogre shoved the corpses into its mouth.






It played with the bodies as it devoured the two orcs.






A frightening sound rang out.


The gathered orcs, although terrified, did not dare to flee and could only stand still and tremble.


Amongst the orcs, the black skinned orcs pushed a number of the trembling orcs towards the feasting Twin Headed Ogre.




The two orcs that had been pushed forward were consumed by fear as they watched the Twin Headed Ogre that had consumed two orcs in one go approach them.




Instead of grabbing the orcs like he had done before, the Twin Headed Ogre lifted its hands and smashed downwards towards the orcs.




The ground shook as its fists smashed into the ground, blood and guts splashing all over the ground.


The orcs’ bodies were in a gruesome state. Like humans smashing a mosquito, the orcs’ bodies had become two dimensional smears.


Koong, koong!


The Twin Headed Ogre lifted its fists and smashed down onto the smears that had once been orcs in rage.


Now even the orange eyes of the Black Skinned Orcs began to tremble in fear.


Every single orc knew the source of its rage.




Many of the orcs had recently been unable to tribute enough food to fill the Twin Headed Ogre’s stomach.


It was because of their decision to hide out of fear.


Even with a show of violence and the Black Skinned Orcs coercing them, nothing had changed.


The orcs were afraid of death, but death caused by the unknown was even more terrifying.


Keuah, Keuah!


It was the reason why the Twin Headed Ogre’s wrath had gotten so out of hand.


The Twin Headed Ogre could not tolerate the fact that they feared something else other than himself.

[TLN: Yandere ogre is yandere]


It was for this reason that he could not tolerate this hunger.


It was even more so for a two-headed beast. The two heads looked at each other and roared out their frustration and anger. The flesh between their teeth splattered out as they roared.


Both of the Twin Headed Ogre’s faces became covered in blood and flecks of flesh.


The fierce and gruesome faces became even more terrifying.






While looking at each other, the two ogre heads felt a strange power.


The first to feel the strange, fog-like strength after the ogres were the orcs.


Ggeureu, ggeeeeu




The orcs recoiled in fear, like a rat before a snake.




That power was something that the Twin Headed Ogre knew.


How could he not know. That power was so annoying that it had left Incheon and crossed a long bridge in order to get to Yeongjongdo.


It couldn’t be anything but one thing.


Although that power was strong, it wasn’t something that the Twin Headed Ogre could not resist.


And now, it no longer had the patience to simply avoid that strange power.


It did not have the patience to send some underlings to check it out.


It did not have the patience to let out a warning cry .


The Twin Headed Ogre stood upright.




The two heads screamed at the same time.




Koong, koong, koong!


Incheon International Airport runway.


A huge monster that overshadowed even airplanes began to run.


The unstoppable beast left large footprints in the flat runway.


No one in their right mind would even dare think of blocking it.


However, the Earthenware Warrior on Horseback was different.




The giant monster ran, the ground trembling beneath its feet; the warrior on horseback unsheathing its sword as it readied itself to confront the creature.


On the warrior’s neck was a shining cross.


Ddadak, ddadak!


The horse began to run.


The two creatures ran at each other before instantly passing each other.




The warrior landed a slash on the Twin Headed Ogre’s right thigh and left a cut.


The Twin Headed Ogre tried to come to a sudden stop.




The asphalt road began to collapse as though it were nothing but pudding.




Having suddenly come to a stop, the Twin Headed Ogre immediately turned and leapt.


A body that weighed not one kilogram but a ton suddenly leapt 10 meters into the air.


It was literally like a miracle that its body could jump so high, but such a miracle was more like a disaster as it began to fall, casting a shadow over the horse and the warrior’s head.


The Twin Headed Ogre’s body eventually dropped onto the runway.




The Earth shook.


The warrior was somehow able to dodge the Twin Headed Ogre’s descent. It was thanks to the horse’s amazing backstep.






Both of the Twin Headed Ogre’s heads roared in an effort to terrorize the warrior on horseback.




The horse also let out its own whinny in order to fight against the monster’s roar.


The warrior raised his sword and pointed it at the ogre before tapping the horse’s stomach with its feet.


The horse that had backstepped once more charged forward.


ddageudak, ddageudak!


The Twin Headed Ogre began to spin. The horse’s running speed was surprisingly swift.


But it was not difficult for the Twin Headed Ogre to keep up with it.


Its two heads were able to cover 180 degrees of space and could watch the horse.


The Twin Headed Ogre observed for only a moment.






The Twin Headed Ogre stopped observing, its anger having long since reached the peak and its patience having long since disappeared.


The Twin Headed Ogre once more ran towards its target.


The Warrior on Horseback ran forward to meet the attack. It was like Don Quixote running towards the windmill.


This battle was like a spectacle at a rodeo.


The Twin Headed Ogre ran towards the warrior over and over again, and every time the warrior left an injury on the ogre, it would run towards the warrior with renewed vigor and glowing eyes.


The ogre was now completely focused on the earthenware figurine.


At that moment, it was a second Don Quixote.




From up above in the sky, a sword began to fall towards the ogre’s back.


The sword was like a hawk, no, a bolt of lightning that aimed for the Twin Headed Ogre’s heart.


The strike was accurate.


There was no other choice but to be accurate.


‘I can hear it.’


Kim Tae Hoon had waited above the Incheon International Airport for this exact moment.


He had waited for the moment where he could clearly hear its heart and find its location despite having been exposed to Fear and putting himself in a life threatening situation.


Dugeun, dugeun, dugeun!


‘I can hear its heartbeat.’


He had made the beast constantly run in order to work up its heart.


And in order to create this opportunity where the ogre didn’t realize the existence of Kim Tae Hoon who was only a stone’s throw away, he had distracted it with the warrior and had angered it until it lost all semblance of common sense with his show of arms.






The sword drew a lightning like line as it reached its destination and stuck itself into the ogre’s back.


It was deep.


Even though a bullet shot from a sniper rifle could break through the tough skin and thick flesh and tough muscles of a monster as though it were ripping through a child’s heart, something like that was not enough this time around.


It was not enough to reach the ogre’s heart.


At that moment, the third Don Quixote appeared.


Kim Tae Hoon, whose body had turned black from his arm to his neck and chest was the third Don Quixote.


The Twin Headed Ogre noticed the presence of the third Don Quixote.


No, rather, he was forced to stop because of the presence of a sharp sword approaching his heart.


He tried to come to a sudden stop again.




It once again crushed the runway as though it were nothing but tofu.


As it turned, the Twin Headed Ogre’s eyes were not focused on the runway, but on Kim Tae Hoon who was floating in the air above his shoulders.




The scene that entered the monster’s four eyes was not something it could comprehend.


On the other hand, the only thing that entered Kim Tae Hoon’s eyes was one thing, the Sword of the Commander that had inserted itself into the Twin Headed Ogre’s body.




Incheon City Hall, mayor’s office.


The city hall having come into the possession of a new owner, there was a man pacing back and forth in the mayor’s office.


‘I’m going to go crazy.’


The man was Chang Sung Hoon.


And in that room where Chang Sung Hoon was pacing was a desk, and on top of that desk was the Daedongyeojido.


Chang Sung Hoon’s eyes were focused on the green light displayed on Daedongyeojido.


‘Damn it, just disappear already. Please, just disappear.’


Chang Sung Hoon earnestly begged the light, but instead of disappearing, it continued to shine like a star.


As though he were weaving a magic spell, Chang Sung Hoon pointed at the green light and chanted.


“Please just fuck off!”


At that moment, the green light disappeared.


What he had desired had come to be.


However, Chang Sung Hoon was confused. He brought his finger up to his face and stared at it.


Then, with a dead serious look on his face, he pointed his finger at a flashing blue light located in Sejong Special Self-Governing City.


“Fuck off!”


Of course nothing happened.


“Damn it.”


He had tried it again but nothing had happened.


No, something did happen. Because Chang Sung Hoon’s face started to turn bright red.


“Damn it, I’m actually going crazy……”


The perfectly sane Chang Sung Hoon looked around the room before sighing and throwing his hands up into the air.


He kept his hand up in the air for a few minutes.


He took up a victory pose.


‘Ah! Now’s not the time for this.’


Getting rid of the post, Chang Sung Hoon remembered something he had to do.


Kim Tae Hoon had told Chang Sung Hoon.


Once the Twin Headed Ogre is taken care of, push the troops on the Incheon Grand Bridge and head towards Yeongjongdo.


He was to let this event be witnessed by many people and bring this landing operation to a close.


Chang Sung Hoon was also going to witness it as well.


‘Hurry, we gotta go quick.’


Chang Sung Hoon quickly packed up Daedongyeojido and placed it in a bag that he treasured more than his life.




When he looked inside the bag, Chang Sung Hoon’s expression stiffened.


What entered Chang Sung Hoon’s line of sight was a golden goblet filled with a shiny red liquid.

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