The First Hunter Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – United (2)




The destructive power behind Kim Tae Hoon’s fist was incredible.


The wall crumbled like a cookie. Hududu, the debris from the wall fell like flakes.




However, his power was no surprise to Kim Tae Hoon. Cradled inside the broken wall was a translucent plastic bag.




Retrieving the bag from within the wall, Kim Tae Hoon handed it to Chang Sung Hoon.


After gingerly accepting the parcel, Chang Sung Hoon immediately worked to open it.


Once the plastic wrappings were removed, a luxurious blue silk was revealed.

‘Definitely not normal silk.’


The silk itself was very high end. The texture was the same. The moment Chang Sung Hoon touched it, he knew that it was of a different quality than the other relics.


However, the silk itself was nothing compared to what it was swaddling.


“······words can’t even describe this.”


There was a book within the silk.


An old book, to the public eye, it was nothing but an old book.

‘How is this here?’


The ink inscription on the cover was enough to smear Chang Sung Hoon’s mind in blackness.


大東輿地圖, Daedongyeojido, The Great Map of the East Land.

[TN: So this line was originally just the Chinese characters (Hanja). When translated, it is “The Great map of the East Land”. Here’s the link:


“······It’s The Great Map of the East Land.”


The Great Map of the East Land.


What’s there more to say?


Kim Jeong-ho, also known as Gosanja. This map was the result of a lifetime of work– his magnum opus– something that the later generations had come to praise.


“It’s different from the Daedongyeojido that I know.”


“This is a different edition. To be precise, Daedongyeojido was first printed on wood blocks. What most people see in books are the various blocks put together to form the whole map. Plus, this····· This is probably an unpublished version.”


Chang Sung Hoon was trembling.


He was trembling at the fact that there was an unknown version of Daedongyeojido floating about in the world.


“I had heard rumors, but I thought they were fake······.”


To be honest, the first time he heard the rumors, he believed them to be groundless. There were many similar rumors about Daedongyeojido floating about, and on top of that, there were rumors about similar artifacts of the same magnitude of Daedongyeojido propagating as well. If they were real, then surely some big shots would have made their move.


But the rumor was true.


On top of that, Baek Sung Taek was the owner.


‘That’s why he hid this in the wall. If it’s this, then it’s definitely better to leave it in a wall. No need to trust a safe’s efficacy when it comes to thieves.’


With Daedongyeojido in his hand, Chang Sung Hoon asked another question.


“How did you know that this was in the wall?”


Although with Black Snake’s Evil Eyes Kim Tae Hoon could see an item’s description, it did not grant him the ability to see through things.


In other words, he did not have the power to see inside the wall.


But despite that, Kim Tae Hoon had unhesitatingly punched towards the wall.


“The texture on that portion of the wall was different.”


“The texture was different? You were able to see that with your eyes?”


Instead of replying, Kim Tae Hoon activated his eye ability again. Chang Sung Hoon looked at the Daedongyeojido that was in Chang Sung Hoon’s hands.


[The Great Map of the East Land]

– Relic Grade : Grade 4

– Relic Rarity : Special.

– Relic Description : The locations of monsters are displayed on the map.


[TN: Remember when they were talking about a maphack, well, foreshadowing]


Chang Sung Hoon whipped out his phone to confirm the map’s ability.


Confirming its ability, Chang Sung Hoon gingerly perused through the book with widened eyes.


Chwareuk, chwareuk!


The rustling of pages accompanied Chang Sung Hoon’s inspection of the pages in the book.


At the same time, he began to piece together the various map fragments in his head.


It was one of the talents that Chang Sung Hoon was blessed with.


If he couldn’t maintain an object’s image, he couldn’t create counterfeits. By committing to memory all of the details and nuances of a piece, he could create an identical counterfeit.


It wasn’t very difficult for Chang Sung Hoon to memorize and integrate the map into his mind.




As soon as Chang Sung Hoon scanned the last page, the image was completed in his mind.


“This map is kind of like a maphack.”


As expected of Chang Sung Hoon, he was able to grasp the functions of the map very quickly.


“Map hack?”


Kim Tae Hoon tilted his head. He was not very familiar with gaming terms.


Chang Sung Hoon began to explain the term to Kim Tae Hoon. Chang Sung Hoon used his finger to scan through the Daedongyeojido again.


He stopped flipping through the pages once he got to a specific spot, after which he showed the page to Kim Tae Hoon.


On that map fragment was a topographical depiction that was packed with red and orange lights.


“This area is what has become Bucheon today.”


“These light······.”


“It’s displaying the monsters’ locations.”




“It shows the locations of any monsters to the owner. It’s like a radar. Not only does it show the smaller and closer ones, but also the bigger more distant ones. A small blip is a small monster, a big blip is a big monster.”


Hearing his explanation, there was one question that came to Kim Tae Hoon’s mind.


“Of the monsters displayed, which are the strongest?”


“Both Mt. Halla and Mt. Baekdu on Jeju Island had indigo lights.”




In other words, monsters comparable to the dragon were on both ends of the Korean Peninsula.


There was nothing positive about it.


The world had changed in a much bigger way than he had first thought.


But now, it was a definite concern.


There was one orange light and one red light moving on the map.


It meant that the monsters migrated from place to place.


“Take only what’s important.”


“Yes sir.”




The cleaners assigned to clean up the trail of bodies in Kim Tae Hoon’s wake were attacked by brown goblins.


These were monsters that Bang Hyun Wook and the Mek Clan soldiers were familiar with.


“Everyone on the truck!”


The brown goblins were weak on their own. A normal, armed adult man is enough to deal with one.




The only problem is that the brown goblins moved in herds under the leadership of a hobgoblin.


Moreover, the hobgoblin’s unique magic made the brown goblins numb to pain and fear.


A monster bereft of fear and pain was terrifying beyond imagination.


That monster horde, facing the wave of more than a hundred creatures, the soldiers were at a loss and were unsure of what to do.




Bang Hyun Wook activated the Howling ability he had learned after eating a Black Wolf’s monster stone that Kim Tae Hoon had given him.


While using the Howling ability, he ran towards the brown goblins.


He needed to buy some time, but at the same time, it was an expression of confidence.


“Kill them all!”


While shouting, Bang Hyun Wook’s Energy began to move.


The Energy reinforced his body and made him stronger.


Bang Hyun Wook was the strongest Awakened with the highest Strength and Stamina stat in the Mek Clan, aside from Kim Tae Hoon.


His body was wrapped in a Black Orc Leather armor.


Although it wasn’t of Black Snake leather, the Black Orc’s leather’s strength wasn’t simple. It wasn’t something a brown goblin’s teeth or claws could leave marks on.


Thanks to that, Bang Hyun Wook could throw himself into the battlefield without hesitation– it was like free batting.


All he had to do was hit the ball that was on the stand, free batting.


The only difference was that a goblin’s head was sitting on a goblin’s shoulders instead of a ball on batting stand.




Like that, Bang Hyun Wook went crazy.


Meanwhile, Mek Clan soldiers who had boarded a truck began to shoot at the brown goblins.




Their gunfire was now tempered. Their shots were conservative, not wasting any bullets; their triggers were disciplined better, not pointing their guns at any friendlies.


None of them were frightened, indiscriminately firing towards the brown goblins.




The goblins at the forefront quickly began to fall.


Nonetheless, the group of brown goblins began to narrow the distance between them and the truck.


There was no pause. In fact, they seemed to gain speed as they stepped over their dead comrades.




It was the same with the wrath in their eyes. Their dead kin only served to fuel their anger.


However, their increased aggression did not do anything to turn the tides. An arrow without fletchling suddenly appeared out of nowhere.




The arrow’s movements were like that of an agile and swift knife.


The arrow moved through the goblins’ heads like it was stringing them together.




The rushing goblins began to collapse like puppets with broken strings, with each fallen goblin contributing to a wall of flesh.




The goblins that hadn’t collapsed tripped on the corpses that lined the floor.


It was pandemonium.


Witnessing such a crazy scene, the soldiers simply stared with their mouths shut.


Despite that, they did not frown or grimace.




There was no doubt as to who was behind this ridiculous scene.


“It’s master! Master’s come!”


The hero that had made his appearance was a savior who had arrived when they needed him most.


The real messiah.


There were none who were not grateful for the appearance of a savior.


“Master has arrived!”


“Kill them all!”


The soldiers’ eyes burnt with fervor.


The soldiers’ momentum reached the remaining brown goblins, even going so far as to affect the commanding hobgoblin.


Ggireureu ggireureu!


The madness that had affected the hobgoblin melted away from the soldiers’ momentum, causing it to tremble.


That was the last thing it did.


The trembling monster fell onto the floor, its throat sliced off.


A sword with a sharpened blade had slit the hobgoblin’s throat.


At the same time, the brown goblins’ fear and pain washed over them all at once.




Ggii, Giii!


The brown goblins that had become frightened began to panic, fleeing in all directions.


Bang Hyun Wook looked at the fleeing goblins in silence.


Bang Hyun Wook watched Kim Tae Hoon who had finished things up, approach him.




Chang Sung Hoon gently wrapped Chusa Kim Jeong-Hui’s painting and Daedongyeojido in silk.


To be honest, there was no need.


As soon as these objects became relics, they underwent a fundamental change. There was no need to worry about it wearing out.


But still, Chang Sung Hoon didn’t dare take any risks.


‘This treasure is too precious.’


For someone who truly appreciated works of art, especially a national heritage like this, Chang Sung Hoon treated it with absolute care, especially since its function was priceless as well.


Chang Sung Hoon prepared a bag to store this precious treasure.


The bag also contained other valuables that Chang Sung Hoon was carrying around.


For example.




A crystal cup studded with jewels that produced a red liquid.

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