The First Hunter Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – We are Hunters! (2)






Under the bluish sky that accompanies the break of dawn, the gunshots fell onto their ears like a heavy rain.




The shots were intense enough to affect even those who were at a distance.


“Wow, that’s not a joke. It’s different from the movies. Damn, it’s completely different than the movies.”


As the distance between them and the gunshots narrowed, Bang Hyun Wook became chattier.


“Huu, huu, huu……”


Ahn Sun Mi repeatedly breathed in, then out.


The pressure that the gunshots gave off was that much.


It was realms apart from what was in the movies. As a result, since it was the first time that they heard such intense gunfire, their legs became stiff, and their reasoning started to drop.


In fact, neither Bang Hyun Wook nor Ahn Sun Mi thought that they would ever hear the sounds of real gunshots while living in South Korea.


The fact that they were still following Kim Tae Hoon’s command and inching towards the gunshots was proof of their courage and their obedience to Kim Tae Hoon.


Of course Kim Tae Hoon wasn’t too affected by the gunshots.


‘The gunfire isn’t stopping’


Instead, although the gunfire didn’t seem all too important, Kim Tae Hoon was able to make deductions and paint an image of what was going on based on the gunfire.


‘The location is also moving.’


Although he good draw a picture of what was going on, it wasn’t a very clear one.


‘They probably won’t be in a very good state.’


A gun is a very powerful weapon.


Of course in the case of a rifle, its power greatly exceeded the expectations of the general public.


If you ever get shot with one, you would know how ridiculous it is to see a protagonist in a movie get shot by a rifle multiple times yet still be ok. But of course it wasn’t exactly useful knowledge.


The bigger monsters, like orcs and goblins, that Kim Tae Hoon and his party had fought against were strong enough to overpower such weapons.


There was no reason to only fire against one monster.


‘Having survived until this point, one would at least know that the opponent were monsters……’


The soldiers in the army should know that by now.


It would be nonsense to believe that this was the first time that the other party was fighting against monsters.


The gunfire began to ring out again.


There should be  two cases.


It was either that the soldiers were dealing with a large wave of monsters, or they were dealing with one massive monster that couldn’t be taken down with a few shots.


Neither of the cases were good.


The worst case scenario would be if it was both those at the same time.


If there was a strong monster like that black orc, then it would definitely be in charge of the horde.


‘There might be a monster that the guns can’t penetrate.’


It was definitely possible that there was a monster that was impervious to rifle shots.


It definitely broke all common sense, but at the current moment, common sense couldn’t be applied to planet Earth.


The dragon had taught him that.




All of a sudden he heard a scream.


The shriek easily passed through the green soundproof walls that Kim Tae Hoon and his party were standing by.


Kim Tae Hoon stood in front of the wall. Bang Hyun Wook and Ahn Sun Mi also stopped pace with Kim Tae Hoon.


Kim Tae Hoon turned around and checked the two’s complexions. Naturally, their complexion was not good.


‘Huu, come on Bang Hyun Wook, calm down. You were able to leave that place alive. Relax, you’re with hyungnim, stay calm. Energy, right I have Energy. As long as you have this bat, you can smash those monsters’ skull.’


‘It’s ok, as long as you follow orders, it’ll be ok Ahn Sun Mi. Don’t think any thoughts that’ll make your head spin. You have to survive. You came here so that you can survive.’


The two of them were steeling themselves. When they crossed the wall, they would have to witness a scene that couldn’t possibly compare to the blood and gore in a horror movie.


Kim Tae Hoon told the both of them.


“We need a car.”




Facing Kim Tae Hoon’s sudden remark, questions were floating around Bang Hyun Wook and Ahn Sun Mi’s face.




“Ah, perhaps a bus?”


Recalling the scene where they used a bus to kill the black orc, Ahn Sun Mi suggested a bus.


“A bus isn’t bad, but a truck would be better. Preferably a dump truck.”




“If it’s a 15 ton vehicle……”


A wishful gleam appeared in Kim Tae Hoon’s eye. “……Good.”




A military base is usually always stark.


Regardless of whether or not trees are planted and give off a nice green shade, the dreariness would not disappear.


It was like a warning. A military base was not a symbol of beauty or affluent, but rather a warning that showed that it was designed for killing.


TuTu! TuTu! TuTuTuTu!


But now what was once a warning had become reality.


A group of soldiers, twenty-four to be exact, was armed with shoulder mounted rifles that they were firing while in a semicircular formation, one after another.






Brown skinned goblins, about 150 centimeters tall, were rushing the soldiers.


The number of brown goblins was incredible. The current amount of goblins visible to the eye easily exceeded half the amount.


“Ggii ah ahk!”


“Live, live, Se, Sergeant-nim, live……”


The goblins were tearing away and feasting on the bodies of the soldiers that had fallen on the floor with a ravenous fervor. The numbers of the brown goblins were astonishing.


It was a huge number.


But it wasn’t their numbers that caused difficulty for the soldiers.


“Damn it! Die! DIIIIIIIIE!”




The soldiers had been firing for so long that their shoulders had long since become sore, but the brown skinned goblins were still rushing them


PukPuk, Pubuk!


Being riddled with bullet holes, the brown goblins’ red eyes had become even more red.


Like a candle before it went out.


The situation had become much more frightening now that the trail of brown goblins had lit up with a madness that exceeded their extinguishing lives, and as a result, their ability to jump became stronger.



A brown goblin that was flying through the air like a frog swooped down on an unsuspecting soldier.


The moment the soldier fell, it was the end.


Ggiii! Ggiii!


Although the goblin that had swooped down on the soldier had been killed, the goblin’s companions rushed towards the fallen soldier and ripped at the soldier’s uniform and flesh with their sharp teeth.


“Ggii ah ahk!”


“Corporal Kang! Damn it Kang Il Hyun!”


Seeing the body being defiled by the goblins was a terrible sight to see.


What was worse was the fact that they couldn’t shoot at the brown goblins since they were all over their colleague.


A gun could not distinguish between friend and foe.


Although he would shoot at a goblin, the bullet might hit his teammate instead.


Even if it was to put his teammate out of his misery, it still wasn’t something easy to do.


No, rather, it was harder.


Pulling the trigger with the barrel pointed at his colleague was hardly comparable to doing the same while pointing a barrel at the goblins.

With calm judgement and a sense of true companionship, he had to pull the trigger.





Of the soldiers who had survived until now, of the remaining twenty-four soldiers, the only remaining leader was Kim Su Ji.


“All of you listen up! Do not panic! The enemy numbers are decreasing! If you stay calm and respond likewise, we can sweep right through them!”


Second lieutenant Kim Su Ji.


She could be called a beauty by some standards, but she had thick eyebrows that made it hard to say that she was a woman, and a sleek nose that gave off a savage feeling like that of a wild beast.


Her physique was also something to take note of.


With a height of 180 centimeters, one could easily spot her in the crowd of soldiers.




Above all, her gunshots were steady.


Although she had backed up from the front lines, her muzzle suffered from very little shaking when fired.


She was trying to take care of the goblins with as few shots as possible.


“Retreat towards the church!”


There was no hesitation or shaking in her loud voice.


Her cries were the only beacon of light in this crazy nightmare.


The soldiers clung tightly onto it.




Triggers were pulled once more.


Towards the goblins that unceasingly rushed towards them, they pulled their triggers without restraint. ‘Until the church.’


‘Let’s do this, it’s only until the church. For now only until the church.’


They all had a clear goal now.


To reach the church that was 200 meters away. It didn’t seem impossible to get to the church. The confidence that they could do it was starting to sprout in their minds.




But that cry caused that small budding hope in the soldier’s’ minds to wither.




“Tha, that fucker. That monster shit


The soldiers’ minds were filled with such curses.


The new year, there were soldiers who were going to get discharged, but then these monsters had suddenly attacked.


Amidst a rain of bullets, a monster emerged from amongst the shadows of the goblins and smoothly grabbed a human body, biting off its head.


Even with its body riddled with bullets, it was still able to move through it, like a wave passing through white sand.




The monster that all the soldiers didn’t believe was real had appeared before their eyes.


It was a real monster.


It was a huge, a four-meter tall fat giant. This was what a super-heavy fat and obese giant would look like. It’s face, nose, and cheeks were bursting like a clump of dough.


It’s skin also resembled clay mud. It looked like the skin on its face was dribbling down.


“Euuh uh……”




The soldiers gave off silent cries, their feet shackled by invisible chains.


The soldiers looked at the monster with a dismayed expression.


The once never ceasing rain of bullets stopped for the first time.




The smaller brown goblins took advantage of the lull in gunfire.




The brown goblins began to move again.




Despite it all, Kim Su Ji was the only one who was able to shout.

Tututu! Tututu!


With a cry, she pointed her rifle at the giant brown goblin’s head and pulled the trigger. “Retreat with everything you have!”


In between the sounds of restrained gunfire, she gave the order to retreat until her voice was sore.


“Re-establish power in the church! Retreat!”


At that moment.




Having been spitting fire all this time, her rifle suddenly made empty ticking sounds.


Kim Su Ji’s facial expression stiffened.




However, amidst the darkness, there was a sound that was like a beacon of light.


Focus once again appeared in the soldiers’ dazed expressions.


Having stayed relatively calm this whole time, Kim Su Ji’s body began to shake.




What woke them up was the sound of a giant dump truck swiftly approaching. Bbaaang!


“Wh, what’s that?”


“Tr, truck, it’s a truck!”


The ringing sound of constant beeps awakened the stiff soldiers.




The dump truck did not stop.


Without any hesitation, the truck decisively threw itself towards the giant monster.


The two huge beings collided.




An enormous sound like thunder pervaded the surroundings.


Shocked by such an unexpected occurrence, the eyes of the mad brown goblin changed.


Ggii? Gieh!


Fear blossomed in the brown goblin’s eyes for the first time. As though having been released from a hypnotic spell,


“Stop shooting! They’ve come to help!”


She heard a man’s voice break the silence in the wake of the dump truck’s appearance, Kim Su Ji turned her neck.


Turning her neck, Kim Su Ji saw a man.


There were two men, one following the other, walking along the bloody path that the dump truck had made.


Kim Su Ji asked threw a question towards the man.


“Who are you?”


“Kim Tae Hoon.”


Kim Tae Hoon replied briefly.


“We are hunters! We are hunters and we hunt monsters!”


Bang Hyun Wook added, having followed Kim Tae Hoon towards the battlefield.




Kim Su Ji was rather suspicious of Bang Hyun Wook’s words.


Kim Tae Hoon frowned and replied.


“That’s right, we’re hunters.”


That was the extent of their conversation.




The cries of a monster who had been slammed with a dump truck with its monstrous resilience didn’t allow for any more needless chatter.

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    1. Actually, there aren’t that many korean novels featuring trucks.

      And that’s a dump truck, they’re not even featured at all.

      It’s usually the ‘standard type’ of truck with a container (actual container, or just shaped like a container of a different size) who does the work.


  2. NoticeMeSenpai

    Tae Hoon really loves slamming cars into monsters…
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  3. I wonder if the doctor was driving or if he was driving it remotely.

    Also wondering if any of the soldiers have managed to Awaken, and how resistant they’ll be to the idea of following the MC.


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