The Annals of the Flame kingdom

 The Fall and Rise of the Flame Kingdom


Author: Soda Yuu

Our Hero is your average salarymen,well at least he was  until he  was summoned to the  world of “Matsushiro Kota” whose setting was similar to earth at the medieval European period! . This world did not have empires that propagated evil that aimed to destroy humanity .

it is not a story about  the secrets of the universe.

But it is about a peaceful place in the “Orukena continent ” which had a problem bigger than anything else …… ..deficit government bonds! Trashed economy!!!

Crashing stock prices,the storm of debt defaulters that occurs along with the currency collapse, the failure of derivatives, conservative mainstream of the Senate, elder statesman who by cunning harassment further the famine and war and the hungry eyes of surrounding kingdoms eye the precious resources which are scarce

it’s the time where a sword cannot help solve problems but for the inherent wisdom and courage to rise above all

…… You are now witnessing history in the making. .


Translator: Akhil () Proofreader: CelebrationMishca

Prologue  Chapter 1  Chapter  2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5



12 thoughts on “The Annals of the Flame kingdom

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  2. WhiteLeaf Leader

    Excuse me ! I can’t find your contact, so.. I write it here…
    I found this story is pretty interesting,and you haven’t updated it for a while,
    I want to pick up this novel as my first project .. Honestly, I don’t want to pick someone novel before they drop it, but… well ..umm……. yeah..never mind,
    I don’t want to drop a bomb here haha.. thank you very much !


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