Empyrean Ascent Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Beginning

“Four hundred years worth of memory…” Raizel muttered, seemingly distraught, as he attempted to figure out the implied meaning behind these words.

After moments of contemplation, Raizel immediately understood.

400 years worth of memory would have the possibility of dominating his mind. If it didn’t cause him to become crazy, then it might cause him to become a completely different person!

“Do you know why you still have your memory intact?” the man asked, catching Raizel off-guard.

Without thinking too much, Raizel just answered with the most logical answer he could think of, “Just like what Emil said; because Emil’s soul had fused with mine.”

“Hahahaha!” the man gave out a hearty laughter before he suddenly stopped and said, “Wrong.”

“Eh?” Raizel was immediately baffled.

“My disciple was an immortal before he was killed, and so his memory had already fused with his soul. But you, you are nothing but a mere mortal. Be it on Earth or this world, mortals, in death, would immediately lose their memory, even before they have entered the Cycle of Reincarnation.”

“Truth be told, I would have let your memory be wiped. If it were not for the fact that you would become an imitation of Emil once his memory has fused with your soul. However, my disciple is unique. There is only one like him in the world, and I would never disrespect him by making an imitation of himself.”

“For that sole reason, I allowed you to maintain your memory, so you would be able to keep your own identity. Even when all the memory of my disciple resides in your head. I have no reason to favor you, but for my disciple, I am here to make you open your mind.”

“This world is vast, and your ideologies, your values, and beliefs, they are things that you should leave behind! This is not a world like earth. Not a world where you could just spend your life studying and become well-off after acquiring a decent job.”

“In every direction, numerous of fangs are ready to mangle your corpse; in every path, blades that would take your head are dancing; in every corner, the shadow of death is looming over. This is not a world where you could live your life leisurely. This world… is a world of slaughter!”

“If my disciple, an immortal, had been killed, then do you think that you, a petty little mortal, would be able to easily survive?”

The man ended his speech with a question, giving Raizel a distinct view of what kind of world he was born into.

“A world of slaughter.”

These words reverberated inside Raizel’s mind, causing a chill to run down his spine. Although there was no vivid image inside his head, he completely understood what the man before him meant.

If an immortal could be killed, then that meant there were things, or perhaps people, that had the ability to kill him.

He did not have a complete understanding of what an ‘immortal’ was, but from the man’s words, he knew that his benefactor, Emil Azuria, was an immortal.

If he was to accomplish the promise he made to Emil, then a part of it would be avenging him. To put it simply, he would need to face those same people that could kill an immortal!

However, as he was right now, a mere mortal just like how the man before him had described, how could he possibly face those people?

In his mind, only one thing was clear.

He didn’t know!

Raizel looked at the man before him, a grim expression was evident on his face. He had just been reborn, but he felt that there was already a scythe hanging above his neck, ready to cut it off at any moment.

With a voice filled with hesitation, Raizel asked, “Will I be able to fulfill my promise to your disciple?”

“Hehe. Who says you can’t?” the man said, a sinister smile appearing on his sinister face, making him even more unsightly, “As long as you adapt to the world, as long as you use the gift, that is the memory of my disciple, then of course you can fulfill it.”

Raizel was interested in the world, and he truly wished to ask about it, however, he felt that now was not the right time to ask about it.

There was a more pressing issue, so he immediately asked, “What about Emil’s memory, didn’t you say that I wouldn’t be able to handle it?”

“I never told you that you won’t be able to handle it. I only said that you will lose your sanity if those 400 years worth of memory suddenly popped inside your head.” the man nonchalantly answered.

“Meaning?” Raizel asked, unable to contain his curiosity anymore.

“Every year, a week or two after your birthday, two years of Emil’s memory from birth will gradually integrate in your mind. Included in this memory are all the things you need to know about the world, and this is your ultimate advantage that you should utilize to the fullest. Well, this would be a very painful process though, but at least the pain won’t cause you to die. Just a headache you need to endure for a few days.” the man spoke, his smile becoming even more sinister…

Looking at the man and trying to grasp the words he had just spoken, a grim premonition washed over Raizel. He felt that this ‘headache’ he had to endure for a few days was not ‘just a headache’. However, Raizel decided to not dwell on it too much, thinking that he should first analyze his words.

Every year of his life from now on, he would have two years worth of Emil’s memory. This meant that in ten years, he would have 20 years of Emil’s memory, and this might serve as his guide in understanding what kind of world he was reborn into.

While he only had vague ideas about it, he felt more relaxed after thinking about how the man before him had described the world as a world of slaughter. In a place where he could die at any moment, knowing what could possibly kill him was an enormous advantage that could perhaps save his life.

While he was deep in thought, the man suddenly moved, opened his palm and placed it directly in front of Raizel, thoroughly shocking him. On top of the man’s palm, there was a white orb as big as a tennis ball glowing brightly.

“I have allowed you to keep your memory intact, and I consider that as a debt you need to pay to me. As for how you would pay that debt, it is through this.”

Raizel stared intently at the white orb on top of the man’s palm. After a few moments, he shifted his gaze towards the man and asked, “What is this?”

“My disciple’s, Emil Azuria’s, Soul Wisp.” the man said, filling Raizel with yet another surge of questions.

“Lift your hands and open it.” the man commanded.

Raizel, as if intoxicated by the man’s words, lifted his hands and presented both of his palm towards the man. He did it unconsciously, as if obeying the man was the most natural thing to do.

In the next moment, the white orb floated on top of Raizel’s palm. A warm sensation filled Raizel’s body, as if there was someone giving him a warm embrace, making him feel secured to the point that no one would be able to harm him.

After a fleeting moment of comfort, Raizel’s eyes suddenly came to himself as he asked the man, “What am I going to do with this?

“Place it in your heart, and when you have reached a cultivation level beyond my disciple’s, you could remake his body. By fusing his Soul Wisp and his memory which you have inherited, then you would be able to revive him.”

Hearing his words, Raizel’s eyes immediately became wide open as he was overwhelmed with shock.

“R-Revive him?” Raizel asked, unsure whether or not he heard the man correctly.

“Hahahaha! This is the only way you could repay me, and failure is not an option! If you died and caused my disciple to be completely extinguished from the world, then once I have been freed from my punishment, I will hunt you down and make you suffer for all of eternity!” the man said, the smile on his face was replaced by an extremely solemn expression, making Raizel ingrain the words the man had just said in his mind.

Speechless, Raizel shifted his gaze between the white orb on top of his palm and the man before him. Unsure of what to do, he just heed the man’s word; he gently and carefully placed the white orb in his chest, and surprisingly, the white orb unrestrainedly entered it.

After doing this, Raizel looked at the man intently. As of this moment, his mind was in a complete mess. After all the things the man had spoken about, he didn’t know which of which should he think about.

Raizel thought the man had more to say, but contrary to his expectation, the man’s body became transparent as he suddenly bid his goodbye, “Ah, now that everything’s done. I should be going now. Hahahaha! I have broken so many rules, I wonder how much punishment will I receive. Hahahaha! I wish you the best, and in a thousand years, perhaps we will meet again. Don’t fail me or else…”

Before the man could finish his words, his body completely dissipated into thin air, and Raizel was left staring blankly, unsure whether or not the events that had just happened was true.

For a while, Raizel was just silently and sullenly staring in the air. But suddenly, a familiar voice resounded in his mind, “Oh, I almost forgot, just sleep and you would find yourself back. Ah, I also need to remind you that before you reach the age of 20, you need to be at the Profound Realm… hahahaha! You’ll just know it when the time comes. Goodbye and goodluck!”

After leaving those words, the man’s voice never echoed in his mind again. Raizel sighed and closed his eyes, hoping that everything was just a nightmare, and he would soon find himself back to his mother’s arms.

He had never felt in need for his mother’s hug like this moment.


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