Getcha Skills Chapter 5

We are walking into the large building, which I have now realized is a mansion, whenever I feel like I’ve forgotten something. Ah, I just realized. I haven’t checked my status since I fought that group of goblins. Let’s do that now.


Name: [Byron Darius]

Level: 3

Age: 16

Race: Human

Stats: [HP: 120/120] [MP: 110/110] [SP: 64/100] [ATK: 50] [M. ATK:  60]

Attributes: [Strength: 10] [Vitality: 12] [Agility: 10] [Wisdom: 11] [Intelligence: 12] [Luck: 7]

        [Charisma: 11]

Skills: [Mathematics: Level 1] [Analyze] [Language Translation] [Throwing Knives: Level 4] [Inventory]

Title(s): None

Skill Gacha Token: 13 (Use ten to get 11 skills, 1 guaranteed to be rare or higher)

Inventory: Other World Clothes, 114 Copper Coins, 20 Silver Coins, 8 [Goblin Ears]

                       2 [Bronze Short Sword]s 3 [Bronze Axe]s 4 [Bronze Dagger]s}

My level went up by two! But, wait a minute, why do I have 12 Skill Gacha Tokens? I thought I only get 1 per level up?

A small blue screen pops up in front of the Token’s section. It reads [Message Received! Author: Edia. Subject: First Level Up!]

Oh! A message from Edia? I guess I should read it, since it seems important, but Isobelle and Baynard are talking about something, and it also sounds important. Well, Edia is a Goddess, so her’s is probably more important.

I reach my hand out to touch it, and it opens.

“Hey, what was that about?” Isobelle asks.

Ah, it looks like she saw me reach my hand out. What should I do? How do I cover this up? Ah! I know!

“What was what about?” I say, smiling. Let’s just hope she doesn’t see the bead of sweat that’s forming on my forehead.

She mumbles something that I can’t hear, and turns back around.

Phew, looks like I dodged a bullet there. Alright, let’s read this message.

{Dear Byron,

I’m glad to see that you’re already conforming to the way this world works! Though that fight with the group of goblins was a bit worrying, you got out okay. You’ve already leveled up! Twice in fact, and as a reward of your first level up, I’m giving you 10 extra Skill Gacha Tokens. Hopefully you get something good out of it!



P.S. You will also be rewarded for reaching certain milestones, but I won’t tell you what those are. I also recommending that you use those tokens immediately, as today has a special event of getting something “special” with your first use of the eleven rolls.}

She’s so kind, giving me extra tokens. I guess I should use them now, shouldn’t I? I wonder what that “something special” is. And by milestones, can I assume that she’s talking about Level milestones?

“Sir? Sir, you’ll be greeted in a few minutes, so please sit down.” Someone says.

Startled, I begin paying attention to where I am. The person who said that is a young maid dressed in a short brown dress. The room I’m in has several chairs with fabric on them, though they don’t seem like they have any cushions.

“Of, of course.” I say, taking a seat in a chair that’s slightly separated from the others.

All right let’s try the 10+1 roll! I whisper under my breath [Skill Gacha], and a window appears in my mind. There’s two choices on it, with a design of what looks like an ocean in the background. The two choices read [Single Roll] with a cost of 1 token, and [Eleven Rolls] with a cost of 10 tokens. I think towards the [Eleven Rolls] option, and a new window replaces that one.

The new window has a chibi Edia standing there holding a handful of envelopes of multiple colors. The envelope colors must be the different rarities. She walks up to me, and begins opening up the envelopes in front of me. She begins with a few brown envelopes.

The first one opens, and big words [Sword Fighting: Level 1] roll out of the envelope. Oh, that’s useful! The second brown envelope opens, and this time [Camouflage: Level 1] appears. That sounds like it could be useful if I were to become a spy, but I wonder how it works. She keeps opening up the brown envelope’s in the same way, so I’ll summarize it by just stating the skills I got. After that, from the brown envelope’s, I got [Sickle Fighting: Level 2], [Gardening: Level 2], [Cleaning: Level 3], [Wind Magic: Level 1], [Earth Magic: Level 2].

All in all, I got more useful skills than I expected. Though, [Gardening] and [Cleaning] don’t look useful right now, they are at least decently leveled.

Okay, now chibi Edia is moving on to the light blue envelope. There’s only one of these, unfortunately. She hastily tears open the top. Light blue words fly out of the envelope, and a rainbow appears behind it. [Light Magic: Level 1]. Is that the skill Aelesia had that had healing magic in it? If so, that’s really useful.

The light blue words disappear, and chibi Edia tosses away the envelope, leaving two dark blue envelopes. I guess these are super rare skills? I’m pretty lucky to have gotten two of them on my first roll. With this type of envelope, she carefully opens it up and pulls out the words. She delicately opens up her hand, and shows me the dark blue words. [Shadow Magic: Level 1].

I wonder why that type of magic has a rarity of super rare? I’ll have to let [Analyze] tell me why later. Chibi Edia opens up the next envelope the same way, and shows me the next skill. [Water Magic Mastery: Level 1]. That sounds like something I shouldn’t have yet. I didn’t even get the basic [Water Magic] skill yet. I hope that won’t force me to not be able to use it.

A text bubble pops up above chibi Edia’s head.

“As part of our special offer going only today, the last skill was improved to having a 50-50 chance of being either Legendary or Godly ranked skills,” or so it says. Hey, aren’t I being a little bit too spoiled? I can do things by myself, Edia!

She pulls out a bright orange envelope. That must be what, Legendary ranked, right? Orange and yellow are the staples of Legendary ranked. She begins to open the envelope, but then stops. The envelope begins to shine brightly, almost blinding me. I instinctively bring my hand up to my eyes to avoid the glare, but only to realize that it’s futile. It’s all in my head, anyways.

The shine goes away, and I can see the envelope again. It’s a pure white envelope, yet it only has a feeling of being overbearing. Chibi Edia brings the envelope to her face, and blows on it. The envelope disintegrates, turning to confetti surrounding white words. [Immortality(Locked)]

Im-Imortality?! But wait, it’s locked? I think? A text bubble appears above her head.

“You have received the Godly skill [Immortality(Locked)], however you have not passed the prerequisites to use it. It will unlock once you pass the prerequisites, allowing you to use the skill. The prerequisites are:

{1. Reach Level 70.

2. Preform an outstanding act that saves a country or world.}

“These can be done in any order. I’m sorry for having deceived you, but this is the real reason you were brought to this world. There is a person in Zoral who is scheming to take over the world, but he is first planning to take over the country of Zoral. The wars he rages will kill millions, reducing the population of the world by 70% Please help this world.”

I-I was lied to? By her? I can’t believe that I was duped this badly. The window closes automatically, and suddenly a rush of pain goes through my head. It’s excruciating! But! I can’t let Byron and Isobelle know that I’m in such pain, especially not now. A surge of knowledge is rushing through my head. Everything from [Sword-fighting] to [Gardening] and [Cleaning] to different types of [Magic].

I can feel my face grimace as tears quickly begin to form. The knowledge on [Water Magic] is beginning to flow into my head, and I just have to shout.

“Graaaaaaaah!” I shout, holding my head in my hands. Th-There’s too much knowledge! My head feels like it’s about to explode!

“H-Hey!” Baynard says, rushing over to me. “Are you okay?”

I let out another shout so as to answer “no” as I fall on the floor. My eyesight is now gone and I can feel my body begin to convulse on the ground. After a few agonizing hours, or maybe it was just a few minutes, everything felt long to me right now. I felt someone open my mouth and hold my tongue down with their fingers.

After a few minutes, the pain went away and I stopped shaking. The person pulled his or her fingers out of my mouth after confirming that I was alive. My body ran out of strength pretty fast, and I felt my conscience slipping.

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