The First Hunter Chapter 27

Did you guys see? Redandblackturtle finished Dimensional Sovereign in one go, it’s insane. If you guys haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you do so. It’s also a completed novel now, so you could binge it as well. I finished this chapter right now, which is 6:55 AM PST, which is 15 minutes before I bike to school, so I didn’t have time to get an editor look over it. Anyways, once again, thank you to all you readers, and I hope you enjoy chappy 27.

Chapter 27



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Hall of Fame

Regional Hero



Black Orc Slayer

Awakened Follower

First Last☕

Unawakened Survivor


2 thoughts on “The First Hunter Chapter 27

  1. Eshan

    Yeah I saw and read the whole novel….
    Man the chapter release at the end was scary and the end felt a little lacking…

    Anyway thanks for the chapter you are doing good as well…


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