Q11 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Falling into a Trap Yan Xun and Chu Qiao rode together, galloping through the open snowfield.    “Girl, go back with me to Yanbei!”    “I will not go.”    “…

Source: Q11 Chapter 37


6 thoughts on “Q11 Chapter 37

  1. Amal

    I am realy intressted in this novel and i like it very much!!♡ I hope that you dont stop translating it pleas !! :$ You stopped at such an intresting spot!! ♡ ~☆~


  2. Novelcrazy

    Good news…a new Chinese drama is showing now from this novel. Hope that you can continue to translate this story. More than 3 moths since last update.


  3. loulla

    I really hope you finish translating this too. I recently discovered this novel after seeing the drama, I was disappointed that it hadn’t been translated for awhile, can you let the readers know if you have stopped this project, as I am sure more people will be interested in this novel.


      1. Anonymous

        I really love princess agents and now i’m reading the novel also. Thank you so much for the translation yet i hope you could also finish translating the whole novel. I hope paperback in english version is on the process, i will surely buy it.Love love love from Philippines.


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