Empyrean Ascent and Chapter 1!

Hello!!! It’s me ‘archn3m29’ from royalroadl.com where I first wrote Empyrean Ascent, and I’m very happy to introduce the rewrite of Empyrean Ascent in wuxialovers!

Empyrean Ascent is and will always be a novel that would have a deep impression in my heart, and even though the way I wrote it in the past was… ??? I always felt that of all the novels I’m writing, this should be the one which I will need to write from start to end, and I’m really grateful to Celebration and the whole wuxialover team for giving me the opportunity.

Without further ado, the chapter 1 of Empyrean Ascent is up, and also, more information about it could be found in the index page… here!

Source: Chapter 1: I Promise


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